Monday 27 June 2011

To The Power of Two

Two very different shows at two wildly differing volumes by two couldn't-be-more-different duos on successive Saturdays will live long in the memory.  First, Tenniscoats played acoustically and unamplified under the watchful dragon heads at the Garnethill Multicultural Centre.  It was naive, playful and - excuse the hippy word - pure.

(thanks to @geomck for the footage!)

Then, Chris and Cosey rolled up at The Tramway and delivered a set of hard electro that was dark and pounding (the track below doesn't truly reflect just how pounding) but totally compelling.

Tenniscoats, I had expected to enjoy but seeing Chris and Cosey was a punt which came up trumps.  Which is just as well as I had been all set in fake Mod Lambretta shirt and cheap sky blue Harrington from Dee's of Trongate to get on the goodfoot at The Glasgow Mod Weekender.  It would therefore have been a double downer had C & C been a letdown.  It's interesting to look back on the emotions I felt after each show.  Following Tenniscoats I felt a sort of love for the world, all positive and uncomplicated; their personalities and music had helped to consign the downsides and petty slights of the working week to history, at least for a while.  After Chris and Cosey, however, I felt elated. Elated, but aware that the negatives had, this time, been pummeled into the past through sheer volume and intensity.  I'm not the sort to live for the weekend but if I were, both shows would've proved worth the anticipation.  I wonder what next Saturday will bring...

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