Thursday, 18 August 2011

19th August, 2011: The Wildhouse

The Wildhouse play on Friday, 19th at Dexter's in Dundee.  If you're anywhere within striking distance, you should make a point of being there as you'll be rewarded with top quality noise (<-- the emphasis being on this word) pop.  According to their Facebook page, The Wildhouse are on first so best wolf down your dinner and get there early.  In fact, take extra sandwiches to work so that you don't even have to go home for tea!

* - chances are that they won't be playing 'Palatine'...the plums!


  1. Err.We are playing with a band called Vladimir.Its their EP launch.Can you really imagine The Wildhouse doing a launch.True its doubtful if they will play Palatine.Plums are good

  2. Oops! I got that one all wrong! I've amended the post.

    cheers, brogues