Wednesday 24 August 2011

Correction: The Caretaker

In my previous posting I somewhat rashly claimed:

"I haven't been so excited by a record that could be considered ambient since I first heard Grouper's "Way Their Crept""

In retrospect, this isn't strictly true.  The last ambient record that got me all steamed-up was actually The Caretaker's "Persistent Repetition of Phrases" (History Always Favours The Winners) which I plundered for cheaps from the winter sale earlier this year.  It's a wonderfully evocative, spooky record which takes Sabres of Paradise's "Haunted Dancehall" and transports it from the West Indies to Manchester, in the process converting it into more of a haunted tea-dance hall where damp, discarded dancecards litter the floor and the rain pours in through holes in the roof.  Each of the 9 tracks is liberally dusted with reverb, static and antique surface noise which lends them a lonely air which is deeply moving.  Any one of them would be suitable for the soundtrack of a psychological horror.

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