Sunday 7 August 2011

The Orchids "The Way That You Move"

Any fool knows that The Orchids were one of the very best groups to grace Sarah Records' majestic discography.  What this fool didn't know until a few minutes ago was that their new single on Pebble Records is a sombre disco gem!  I've long believed that The Orchids were one of the few guitar pop groups to truly successfully incorporate dance elements into their sound.  'The Way That You Move' may turn out to be their best stab at it yet - just listen to that Northern Soul inspired bassline on the intro and that resplendent little disco guitar motif that pops up about two and a half minutes in and again at 3:51!  Fans of Club 8 and ridiculously brilliant fellow Swedes Korallreven* will be sent spinning like a mirrorball by this single.  Various Orchids had the good sense to be present at the recent Indietracks warm-up at The Captain's Rest.  If I'd known their new single was this good I would've hugged each one of them in turn.

* - any excuse to link to 'The Truest Faith' has to be grabbed!

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