Thursday 25 August 2011

Return to Wimp Scuzz: Try-Angle "Writing on the Wall"

A recent dip into the second hand cd racks of Monorail yielded a copy of "Gravel Vol. 2" (Kumquat May Recording Inc.)..  It's one of the strongest collections of garage mayhem/loser fuzz/downer jangle I've come across with Try-Angle's aching "Writing on the Wall" being the most instantly lovable of its 30 tracks.  This is largely due to the singer's fabulous, almost 1980s indiepop voice and its lilting jangle but it is also because it has thee most quintessential wimp scuzz chorus I've encountered yet:    

"You don't love me no more
 (no, no, no, no)
 And I can tell for sure
 (can tell for sure)
 You're gonna cause more misery" .

One boy's teenage letdown never sounded so good!

Update! : The prodigiously talented and ultra-suave Paul Messis recently blogged about "Writing on the Wall", too.  The Transparent Radiation looks like a great blog with writing on The Springfields (Sarah Records), Sonic Boom's Spectrum, Sun Ra etc..

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  1. This a a great song!! Lyrics were great in 1966/1967 and they are just as fitting today. Try-Angle rocked and Wimp Scuzz rocks as well. Thanks for putting this great prize winning Garage Band in your blog content. Check out Tabeling & Taylor on Facebook and Reverbnation! They are revamping and will no longer be classified as Wimp Scuzz -- Hear them ROAR!! (smile) Cammie Ann