Wednesday 9 January 2013

Bleached vs. Nikki & The Corvettes

Succinct pop, that's all I crave these days. Make it a little punky, too, and I'm doubly likely to lap it up. Bleached do the succinct/punky thing beautifully on their forthcoming single "Next Stop" (Dead Oceans):

Three decades ago Nikki and The Corvettes pulled off the same trick on "You Make Me Crazy" from their debut lp:

It's a total smash and grab head-spinner whose guitars are that little bit crisper than those on "Next Stop" and all the better for it. Mind you, it doesn't have that song's tremendous backing vocals. Whatever, both tunes have the desired effects (pogoing, brain-emptying etc.) and I'm pretty sure that I made a coupla new squeaky floorboards as I bounced around to them earlier.

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