Saturday 26 January 2013

Bona Dish

Captured Tracks has struck pure Messthetics gold with their forthcoming Bona Dish anthology:

A friend - thanks, Jon! - introduced me to them last night and although I've not fully assimilated all the clips on YouTubeI'm totally sold on their brand of thin, rattly/rusty post-punk and can only wholeheartedly agree with Captured Tracks' assessment:

"Collected here is a rediscovered gem showcasing the zest and spontaneity that gripped the UK DiY scene of the time, standing up to their contemporaries like Television Personalities, The Homosexuals and Marine Girls."

I felt a little guilty that in 2012 such a high proportion of the records I bought were archival releases or compilations and not the new records by extant groups.  I resolved, therefore, to buy fewer reissues this year.  If labels keep unearthing wonders like Bona Dish (that name has to be polari, doesn't it?), however it's going to be a tricky resolution to keep! Hopefully, this record will go some way to quietening the dull accusations of 'hipsterism' that seem to be getting tossed in Captured Tracks' direction with increasing regularity.  I've never met Mike Sniper but from the outside it seems pretty obvious that he's just an enthusiast with a genuine love for certain styles of music and sounds who releases records for the right reasons.

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