Tuesday 22 January 2013

The Market Squares

Paul Messis ("the young king of all things '66" according to, ooh, Not Unloved) got a brief mention in yesterday's posting about The Higher State.  Today, he gets one all to himself.  His new group The Market Squares release their debut 7" on his new label Market Square Records on February the 4th, 2013.  His aims as outlined in his introduction to the new label are laudable so I can only wish him all the best with it.  If his future releases are as enjoyable as "Afternoon Tide" I'll be a keen and vocal supporter:

That psychedelic guitar line that wanders all over the place like a tipsy Freshers Week student is just great as are the none-more-English vocals.  If this had come out at the same time as the early 45s by The Times, I'd no doubt be checking discogs and ebay on a regular basis in search of an affordable copy so I'll definitely be buying it as soon as I get the chance.

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