Friday 18 January 2013

The Looking Glass "Mirror Man"

Dan Treacy released some cracking records in the 80s via his Whaam! and Dreamworld imprints.  On the evidence of Vinyl Japan's excellent mid-90s compilations, of the two, I would always, if asked, say I preferred Whaam!.  The Looking Glass single on Dreamworld, however, was a joyous romp that, for my money, stands up well to a fair chunk of the Whaam! output.  It's almost (only almost, mind!) unbearably chirpy, not unlike a more whimsical, sunshine pysch version of The Housemartins or a less lysergic/more sherbety version of The Bachelor Pad.  I haven't read any fanzine (weekly music press?) reviews from the time but I suspect that it was never the hippest record but that's not something to deter Not Unloved!  Copies don't crop up for sale all too often so it was a slight a disappointment that my bid wasn't enough (it went for a comparatively sensible 24.55 GBP) to secure the beautifully preserved copy that appeared on ebay last week.  Ah well, it leaves a little more money to spend in Monorail Music.  After all, I don't want them going the way of HMV.


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  2. Knew this band and loved them. In fact I paid for the recording session, as I recall. If they were mentioned in any fanzines, I never saw it. It was a small scene and gigs were word-of-mouth.